Advising & Contact Information

If you are a non-CIAS student, or are unsure who to contact based on the list below, you may send an email to:  or call the main phone number for CIAS Student Services: 585-475-6045. We are located in Gannett, GAN-1075.  It is always best to contact your academic advisor directly. Here is a list of our office staff, including which advisors handle which majors:

laurie alexander


Laurie Alexander, Academic Advisor
School of Design: Industrial Design BFA, Interior Design BFA




Lauren Cannon, Academic Advisor
School of Film and Animation: Production & Animation BFA
School of Film and Animation: Motion Picture Sciences BS



kris depalma
Kris DePalma, Academic Advisor
School of Art: Illustration BFA, Medical Illustration BFA
School of Design: New Media Design BFA
Undeclared Art & Design



Meg Giangreco, Academic Advisor
School of Design: Graphic Design BFA
School of Art: Fine Arts Studio BFA
School for American Crafts: all BFA programs



kristie gross


Kristie Gross, Assistant Director
All CIAS MFA and MS graduate programs



debbie kingsbury


Debbie Kingsbury, Assistant Dean




Amanda Kowalcyk
Amanda Kowalcyk, Staff Assistant



stephanie Lenhardt


Stephanie Lenhardt, Academic Advisor
School of Design: 3D Digital Design BFA
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences: Photojournalism BFA, Visual Media BFA, Fine Art Photography BFA



Paul Muenzer
Paul Muenzer, Academic Advisor
School of Media Sciences: Media Arts & Technology BS
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences: Biomedical Photographic Communications BS,
Imaging & Photographic Technology BS, Advertising Photography BFA, Undeclared Photography.



donna sterlace


Donna Sterlace, Staff Assistant






Maria Gabriela Sanchez A., Graduate Assistant




AlexCIAS, Mascot





Co-op and Career Services Contacts

You may access the RIT Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education staff directory here: RIT Co-op/Career Services Staff   Just type in your major and the Career Services Coordinator for your major will be listed!

Financial Aid Contact for CIAS

Samantha Perez               585-475-2186