NTID Supported Students/Access Services

If you are a student supported by NTID, here you find very useful information on how to request Interpreting or Captioning, and Note-taking services for your classes. If you need any of these services, you MUST request them through the Department of Access Services at myaccess.rit.edu, even if the course is listed as supported in SIS. A new website for requesting services is being phased in at this URL: https://myaccess.rit.edu/MYACCESS5/

“How to Request Access Services” PDF Flyer with Contact Information


  • Work with your advisor to register for classes that are “designated” or “supported” class sections for interpreting or captioning when possible.
  • Every student must request for every class, even when it is already listed as designated or supported!
  • Pick one real-time service: Interpreting OR Captioning.
  • In addition to either Interpreting OR Captioning you can still request Note-taking.
  • Request services by the posted deadline at myaccess.rit.edu (or the new site at: https://myaccess.rit.edu/MYACCESS5/) for the best chance of services.
  • You need to make a “Special Request” (SR) for final critiques, final exams, and any other meetings. Confirm your final exams and critiques with your professor before making a Special Request.