Polices and Guidelines in Process for AY 2014-2015

CIAS Policy/Guideline Name Undergraduate Policy and Guidelines Faculty Teaching Loads and Course Release  FMS Requests FEAD Grants Study Abroad Printer Utilization and Procurement CIAS Scheduling CIAS Space Utilization Redefinition and Reallocation of Open Faculty Lines

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Completed Policies and Guidelines AY 2013-2014

RIT Policy # RIT Policy Name CIAS Policy/Guideline Name Comments C8.1 Information Security Policy Private Information Storage CIAS will use the RIT Policy C22.0 Records Management Policy Records Management Policy   D1.1 Minors Policy Minors Policy   D2.0 Admission N/A … Continue reading

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Scholarship, Creativity and Research Strategic Plan Implementation: May 2014 Update

Scholarship, Creativity & Research CIAS Strategic Plan Implementation Committee May, 2014 Update   Discussions in April and May meetings centered on the following key categories:  I. Grant Writing Support  II. Specifically student-focused initiatives  III. Communication / optimization of existing and … Continue reading

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CIAS Building Diagrams labeled and color coded

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Faculty and Staff Success recognition process

CIAS is instituting a formal process to recognize the accomplishments and awards of its schools, departments and individual faculty, staff and students. This would include RIT and CIAS awards, grants awarded, awards or honors in a specific discipline or industry, … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Scheduled Lab Statistics

Booth 3500 has no open hours so its usage is 100%.

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Color Coded Building Diagrams CIAS, 7A and 7B

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Student Success Progress and Plan

The Student Success Committee  has been identifying and meeting with area specialists and professionals to discuss the Goals and Objectives of Dimension A. These professionals include Debbie Kingsbury, Ed Lincoln, Lisa Vasaturo, and Ron Goldberg. They have helped us to … Continue reading

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Action items and progress to date ….

Action Item 1:  Compile information and data on current use, times of operation and user constituencies. Action Item 2: Create graphical statistics of space evaluation for easy comprehension by diverse constituencies. Where we are and what we’re doing: Created spread … Continue reading

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Community & Culture 2013-14 Plan

Notes from December 17, 2013 meeting   Community and Culture Committee Plan of Work for 2013-14 year.   GOAL 1.  Inclusion Action E1.1 –  Year 1 – analyze and interpret statistics from Dean’s office Year 1 – Research the possibility … Continue reading

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