Updated August 19, 2016:  
Please visit the updated directions:


We have updated the login credentials for the Universal Type Client in CIAS. We will have a one-week transition period beginning today where the old usernames and passwords work while we get the word out. The old username and password will expire on Friday September 12.

Users will be able to access the same set of fonts they had access to with the old usernames.

Download the PDF with the login information : (old file has been deleted)


Special Notes:

1. Collect for output from UTC is disabled. Please make a PDF with embedded fonts for output whenever possible.

2. When adding your own fonts, ALWAYS drag them to the desktop before adding them to your Local Personal Workgroup. UTC copies the font file to a local, hidden cache for the duration of your login. Failure to do so may lead to problems ejecting your discs or media.

3. Due to license count restrictions, we are currently unable to offer students home-use rights for fonts or home access through UTC. Access to these fonts must be done through CIAS lab workstations with Universal Type Client installed.


Download the PDF with the login information : (old file has been deleted)

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