New Student Orientation

Welcome to Orientation 2017 for the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences!

We are very excited to have you join the CIAS community this year!

Please choose a link below depending on if you are entering RIT as a first year freshman, transfer, or graduate student.   After selecting the appropriate link, you will find a welcome letter from your department, information about supplies and equipment (as applicable), and the “CIAS Fall Schedule Questionnaire”.

If you expect AP credit, transfer credits from another university, IB credits, or plan to participate in varsity athletics, please let us know ASAP.  This information allows your academic advisor to plan your fall schedule prior to receiving your official scores from AP College Board and/or other universities.  It also allows for planning around athletic commitments.

**NEW INFORMATION Regarding Safety Training and Locker Sign-Up**

Your safety in the art studios is always a priority.  You might find this “Creating Art Safely: A Six-Step Process” video from our friends at Yale University a helpful resource:  Link to Safety Video


Need a locker to store your supplies?  Follow this link to go online, log in and reserve yourself a locker (opens September 5): Get a Locker Here!


Tuition Insurance and Property Insurance

Tuition Refund Plan information website

The Tuition Refund Plan is independent of the University. This coverage could minimize the financial portion of the loss for the student who suffers an illness or accident and has to withdraw from classes before the semester is completed. This elective insurance plan provides coverage for tuition, room and board charges, and extends and enhances the Institute’s published refund policy. Under this plan, you may receive a 70 percent refund of your semester payment even after the Institute’s own refund policy has expired.
Property Insurance Flyer PDF

Students using RIT-owned or their own equipment while away at college  should strongly consider purchasing property insurance.  While many people assume their home owner’s policy will cover loss, theft, damage or other costs for school equipment, this is not always the case.  College of Imaging Arts & Sciences families may want to consider this low cost insurance policy option made available through RIT.  Students (especially those in photo and film programs) can potentially be checking out equipment valued at over $10,000 and are responsible for replacement costs, in the case of loss, theft, damage. This is the same insurance plan many of our faculty use. Please note: Students traveling abroad with RIT equipment are required to show proof of insurance before checking out equipment.

Freshmen Students          Transfer Students         Graduate Students

If you have questions, please contact us at ciasadvising@rit.eduBe sure to provide your full name, major and university ID in any communications with us, now and after you arrive.  It helps us to assist you in a more timely fashion.

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