Shell Courses

Shell Courses

Many CIAS programs offer “Shell” courses in order to keep their curricula agile and current. “Shell” courses are characterized by very flexible course outlines that allow instructors to develop a specific focus and content for their particular version of the course.

A few examples of “Shell” courses in CIAS include:

  • VCDE-617 Experimental Workshop: Topic
  • PHFA-311 and PHRG-722 Contemporary Issues: Topic
  • SOFA-571 and SOFA-671 Advanced Production Immersion: Topic
  • ARTH-550 and ARTH-650 Topics in Art History: Topic

In an effort to preserve the flexibility that “Shell” courses offer while abiding by Institute requirements ( , CIAS has adopted a new process. A CIAS Topic Outline Form  must be completed and approved each time a “Shell” course is scheduled.

Procedure for proposing a new Topic:

1. Faculty proposing to offer a new Topic will complete this the CIAS Topic Outline Form, and forward to the Program Chairperson or Graduate Director for approval initials.

2. The Program Chairperson or Graduate Director then secures the approval initials of the school’s Administrative Chair on this form.

3. The Administrative Chair forwards the form to the CIAS Undergraduate (Barb Birkett) and/or CIAS Graduate Curriculum Committee Chair (Chris Jackson)  for review.

4. If approved (initialed) by the chair of the CIAS CCC, a digital version of this form will be forwarded to the CIAS Scheduling Officer (Terie DeClerck) for processing and placement.

5. A NEW Topic for an existing Shell class can only be scheduled on SIS if the corresponding Topic Outline Form is approved and processed by October 1st for Spring and February 1st for Fall semester. No late submissions will be accepted.

Please Note: Topics need to be specified for Shell courses each time they are offered. They do not automatically roll from one semester to the next.

The CIAS Topic Outline Form can be downloaded here.

CIAS Curricular Timeline can be downloaded here