Backup Services

Computer Lab Backups
CIASTech does not back up data on computers in the labs and strongly encourages you use other means of storing your files, such as external hard drives.

Faculty & Staff Backups
CIAS has a backup strategy in place for faculty and staff which backs up your machine over the network. For those who are interested, we are using a free Open Source solution named BackupPC.

CIASTech determines on a case-by-case basis who will be part of the backup solution, so if your files are not already being backed up, e-mail us at to talk to us.

We only back up files stored within your home directory. For OS X users, this includes everything in your folder under /Users, and for Windows users, it is your folder under C:\Documents and Settings. Any files outside of these directories will not be backed up.

Backups are attempted once a day on an individual’s machine, and the system will check every 30 minutes to determine if it should back files up. A full backup is performed every 30 days, and we keep the last 6 days of changes.

If there are any files you wish to exclude from being backed up (for whatever reason), please contact us through our online help desk at If you need to have any files restored, you can also use the online help desk to reach us.

We provide a small client application that informs you if your computer is in the process of being backed up. You can download it here if the program is not already on your machine. The program should be located within your Applications folder, if you are using OS X.

CIAS Backup

It is recommended you leave your computer plugged into the network (through a wired connection) for a few hours a day to ensure the proper backups are being made on your machine.

Server Backups
CIASTech handles backups of a number on server-based storage solutions, with the exceptions of Transfer and Rendershare.