FileWave FAQ

What is FileWave?
What is the FileWave Status Monitor?
Does FileWave handle Apple Software Updates for me?
Does FileWave run automatically when I am off RIT’s campus?
Can I log off my computer while FileWave is running?
Can I shut down while FileWave is running or downloading updates?

What is FileWave?
FileWave is a software management solution currently used by CIAS to maintain software and applications on lab and faculty computers. From deploying Firefox updates to installing Adobe CS4, FileWave handles it all.

What is the FileWave Status Monitor?
The FileWave Status Monitor is a way for you to monitor what FileWave is currently doing. To access the FileWave Status Monitor to see what FileWave is up to, navigate to your Applications folder, and locate the folder called FileWave. Double-click the FileWave Client Monitor application.

You should see the following screen:

Click Connect, and you will now be able to see the status of FileWave:

The Client Status Monitor will display information about the computer you are on in addition to what FileWave is doing. A few points of interest:

The name of your computer.

Includes what platform you are on (Intel or PPC) and what version of the Mac operating system you are running.

What FileWave is currently doing. There are a few different descriptions that the status monitor will report to you.

Status: Running…
This means that your machine is not currently updating and it’s waiting to check with the server for an update. FileWave automatically asks the server if there are any updates to perform every two minutes.

Status: Update fileset to new version
A change has been made on the server and your computer is currently downloading the newest revision of that change.

Status: Checking files
Your computer is checking the files on your computer and comparing them with what the server claims your computer should have. This is used to determine if FileWave should download any updates or not. You can do this manually by hitting the Verify… button.

Status: Downloading
You will see this if FileWave has determined that you need an update or additional applications. Generally it will tell you what it is currently downloading, such as “Downloading Adobe CS4…”

NOTE: If you see a status message that differs from the ones above, please contact CIASTech for help.

If you feel that your software is out of date or you want to see if there are any updates to your software, click the Verify button. It should change the Status to Checking files. If your software is up to date, it should then change the status to Running. If your software is not up to date, you should see the Status change to Downloading.

Throughout your operations during the day, if you notice that there is a ? in your dock or that your software isn’t launching, try checking the current status of FileWave. Again, you can check this for yourself by clicking Go -> Applications, and searching for the FileWave folder. Double click the FileWave Monitor application and click connect. If Status in the Client Status Monitor reports that it is Downloading or Update fileset to new version, this means that FileWave is currently updating applications and is likely the reason for receiving a ? in the dock or why applications are not launching properly. Try waiting a few hours and see if the dock updates or if the applications start to launch. If the problem persists beyond a few hours, please contact CIASTech for assistance.

Does FileWave handle Apple Software Updates for me?
CIASTech is currently working on integrating Apple Software Updates along with updating normal applications. This feature should be coming soon. In the mean time, please update your software manually by hitting the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and clicking Software Update.

Does FileWave run automatically while I am off RIT’s campus?
No, FileWave does not allow off-campus connections. You will need to run the RIT VPN client to run FileWave off campus. If you are having issues with applications launching or there is a ? in your dock, you may have left campus in the middle of a software update. You can continue your update off campus if you have the RIT VPN client. Just connect to RIT’s VPN and FileWave should continue where it left off. We STRONGLY recommend that you have broadband to continue updating files off-campus.

Can I log off my computer while FileWave is running?
Absolutely. FileWave will run in the background and continue to update even if you log off your machine.

Can I shut down while FileWave is running or downloading updates?
Yes, FileWave is designed in such a way that it keeps track of what updates it is currently working on and where it is during the update. With that information, the machine can be turned off in the middle of an update, and FileWave knows right where to pick up.