Course Scheduling

Course Scheduling, Timelines, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


Scheduling Policies

14 Week Semester Scheduling Policies-2017-2018

Semester Scheduling Meeting Patterns-Effective Fall 2018

12 Week Patterns Summer Schedule Meeting Patterns-Effective Summer 2018

Semester Scheduling Policies (eff YR 13-2014)

Procedures and Guidelines

Reserving space for events

Groups/Contacts – This is a list of CIAS group contact names that can be entered when creating a reservation.

CIAS Component Definitions

CIAS Cancellation Process

CIAS Minimum Class Size Targets

RIT Minimum Class Guidelines

CIAS Final Exam Guideline

Final Exam Policy D11.0

Grades D05.0


Post Final Grades (SIS Only)

Enter And Post Final Grades

Submit Final Grades for Co-op Courses


MS Word Track Changes Instructions

MAC Track Changes

Windows Track Changes


Term Course Scheduling

2181 Class Schedule Timeline


2178 Class Schedule Timeline

2178 Final CIAS Schedule of Classes

2175 Spring Schedule Timeline

2175 CIAS Class Schedule

2175 Class Reserved Seats & Prerequisites

2175 CIAS Program Writing-Intensive Classes Offered

2175 CIAS LEC-STU Grad Electives

2175 CIAS FREE-Grad Electives

2178 Class Schedule Timeline

2175 CIAS FREE UGRD Elective

2175 CIAS LEC-STU UGRD Elective

2175 CIAS Final Class Exams


2171 Fall Schedule Timeline

2171 CIAS Final Schedule of Classes as of 9-6-17

2171 CIAS Final Exams-updated 11-28-17

2171 Course Prerequisites

2171 Course_Reserve_Seats_4-5-17

2171 Program Writing Intensive Course Offerings


2168 Summer Final Schedule of Courses


2165 CIAS Final Schedule of Classes

2165 CIAS Final Exams 5-12-17

2165  CIAS Designated Seats Saved

2165 CIAS Course Prerequisites

2165 CIAS Topic Classes Offered 11-9-16

2165 CIAS PR-WI Writing Intensive Classes


Curricular Timelines

Curricular Timeline

2016-17 CIAS Bulletin Production Schedule