Planning Sheets, Curricular Tables and Study Abroad Pathways

CIAS Curricular Timeline

The curriculum of each CIAS degree program is detailed in an official Curricular Table that has been approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Planning Sheets are developed each year based on these official curricular tables. Study Abroad Pathways recommend the best time to study abroad for each major. All NYSED-approved Curricular Tables for CIAS degree programs, as well as the associated Planning Sheets, can be found below:

Graduate Tables 1B

Graduate Planning Sheets

Undergraduate Tables 1A

Undergraduate Planning Sheets and Study Abroad Pathways     New

Elements of Official Curricular Tables

CIAS Elective Terminology:

  • Free Elective/Free Graduate Elective: any course at RIT
  • Professional Elective: courses chosen from a list of specific courses determined by degree program (can be offered by any school or college)
  • CIAS Elective: any course within CIAS
  • CIAS Studio Elective: any studio course within CIAS
  • Art History Elective: any art history course (could be CIAS, COLA, etc.)

Process for Adding/Moving/Deleting Courses on Official Curricular Table 1a or 1b

Once the addition, move or deletion of a course on a degree program’s curricular table has been approved by the School Curriculum Committee, the following steps should be followed.

1. Request a copy of the current version of the programs curricular Table 1a – Undergraduate or Table 1b – Graduate in MS Word format from the CIAS Scheduling Officer, Teresa Merritt (

2. Modify Table 1a – Undergraduate or Table 1b – Graduate to reflect the course(s), addition(s), move(s), or deletion(s) while tracking all changes in MS Word instructions.

3. Indicate on Table 1 the academic year and term in which the course is to be added, moved or deleted. (The above process also applies when deleting or adding prerequisites.)

4. If needed, recalculate both the semester and overall Program Credit Hour totals on Table 1 to reflect course change(s). To change overall Program Credit Hour Totals use word tracking in MS Word instructions.

5. Ask your school’s curriculum committee representative to submit the updated table to the College Curriculum Committee and notify the CIAS Undergraduate/Graduate Curriculum Chair, Robin Cass ( or Chris Jackson ( and CIAS Scheduling Officer, Teresa Merritt (

6. Upon receipt, the appropriate College Curriculum Committee will review the proposed changes. Once approved, the College Scheduling Officer will notify the department and forward revised table to the Office of the Senior Associate Provost Office for approval.