New Courses

CIAS Curricular Timeline


How to submit a new course to the CIAS Curriculum Committees (either Undergraduate or Graduate)

1. The new course outline is reviewed and approved by the School’s Curriculum Committee and the faculty proposer secures signatures on an official Curriculum Cover Form from:

  • appropriate Program Chair or Graduate Director
  • School Administrative Chair

2. The School’s CIAS Curriculum Committee representative uploads course outline to “submitted” folder in committee folder in “MyShares”

3. The School’s CIAS Curriculum Committee representative submits signed Curriculum Cover Form (hard copy) to Scheduling Officer (Terie Merritt) and notifies via email CIAS Curriculum Committee chair , Robin Cass of new course for committee to review

4. Upon approval by College Curriculum Committee, the committee chair and Associate Dean sign Curriculum Cover Form


Curriculum Development Links and Downloads

For questions regarding curricular issues, contact CIAS Associate Dean, Robin Cass