Faculty and Staff: Career Focus/Success

Faculty and Staff: Career Focus/Success – Plan Outline for AY 2013-2014


The CAD mission and vision promotes an academic environment of creativity and technology convergence while inspiring, innovating, and educating in fields where this convergence occurs. Core to the achievement of this vision and mission is a strong team of faculty and staff who are world class scholars and creative practitioners.

Goal 1 Faculty and Staff – CAD will have high quality faculty and staff to provide curriculum instruction and administrative support relative to the mission and vision of the College. read more

SCR Strategic Plan Implementation 11/13 Notes Update

The Scholarship, Creativity and Research Strategic Dimension from the CAD Strategic Plan is reproduced below, followed by ideas and actions from the initial meetings of the Committee


Scholarship, creativity and research are pivotal components for faculty, students and staff in our College. CAD’s strategic plan looks to the following goals as defined in RIT’s Strategic Plan:

  • Achieve 100% student participation in innovation, creativity, and scholarship activities
  • Increase sponsored research awards
  • Achieve 100% faculty participation in research

Goal 1 Support

All CAD faculty will have support in their development, implementation and dissemination of scholarship, creativity and research. read more