CAD-Checkout/Student Portal

We have launched the CAD-CHECKOUT Student portal for the SPAS/SOFA Cage!

  • View your status at the cage
  • View your locker number/combination and due date
  • A listing of all inventory you have access to
  • The ability to search through your inventory access
  • Email and SMS notifications
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SPRING QUARTER: Font Management through Suitcase X1

We will be rolling back to Extensis Suitcase X1 server for CAD (primarily affecting SPM and SOD) for Spring Quarter. All fonts that were available before will be available this quarter as well, but only through the X1 Client app. Please contact CADTech with any questions.

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OpenType fonts available for SOD

Updated OpenType versions of the SOD Font Folio have been put into the FONTS volume. These fonts are for ACADEMIC use only! The legacy PostScript versions that have been available in the past will remain available until the end of Winter Quarter 082. Please contact CADTech with any questions.

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Universal Type Server Maintenance

We are currently performing maintenance on the Extensis Universal Type Server. We are working closely with our vendor to make sure we can have the server back up and running ASAP. More info will be posted here as it is available.

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